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The most common problems with iPhone and how to fix it!

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One of the most exciting inventions of the last few decades has been the iPhone. Smart, portable and sleek, the iPhone comes loaded with features. For example, HD cameras, millions of apps in iStore and state-of-the-art safety features. However, the phone is prone to a host of issues. This can range from screen damage to battery issues. Users also face dysfunctional power volume buttons to problems with speakers.

Most common issues with iPhone:

Misadventures happen! iPhone drops are inevitable. When it happens, you need a quality service repair shop that will provide a high-quality and convenient iPhone repair services. The service process should be as smooth as the purchase of a new mobile. It should use quality parts while offering full customer support and accessibility.

Every iPhone repair starts with determining what causes a disturbance in the normal functioning of your iPhone. The service repair shop first identifies the problem and then decides which repair services will suit the most. Be it iPhone 7 screen repair or replacement or iPhone 8 screen repair, the process begins right away and takes the required time.

At Singapura Mobile Repair Shop, we love to repair your phone on the spot. You can also save your travel time and cost. We focus on offering the best of technology to ensure precise repair.

The other important problem with iPhone handsets is the draining of the battery. While the iOS 13 is a brilliant processor, it drains out the battery quite fast. However, there are a bunch of things you can do to save battery. Turn on phone health settings in the phone. It will suggest you a number of ways to optimise the battery life. You can dim your phone’s brightness as per your needs. Dim the phone lights when you are not using it. Reduce the number of widgets on the home screen. Greater number of widgets means draining out your battery.

Speaker and power volume issues are equally annoying. Check out if the phone is on a silent mode or not. Or if there are any debris on the surface of the speaker. Rectifying these problems will surely solve your volume issues.

Trust Singapura Mobile Repair Shop

Whichever type of screen repair you are looking for, we have the solution. Whether it is the iPhone 8 Screen Replacement or iPhone 7 screen repair, we will take care of it. Our team understands that it is very difficult to operate in the world with a broken device. Hence, we aim to make the repair process quick and convenient. We offer quality service from our skilled professionals in Singapore. Our team of expert and certified technicians can repair your iPhone for you in lesser waiting time and affordable charges, thus giving you service satisfaction.

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