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Google Pixel Repair

All mobile phone repairs are completed onsite and the data on your phone is treated as strictly confidential.

Google Pixel 6 (10)
Google Pixel 5 (10)
Google Pixel 4A (10)
Google Pixel 4XL (10)
Google Pixel 4 (10)
Google Pixel 3A XL (10)
Google Pixel 3A (10)
Google Pixel 3XL (10)
Google Pixel 3 (10)
Google Pixel 2XL (5)
Google Pixel 2 (4)
Google Pixel XL (0)

“Amazing workmanship. They checked if the inner parts were ok and took some pictures, very well done by them. Would 100% recommend people to come here”

– Charis Ang

Why Choose Us?

Our repair centers are well-equipped in terms of skilled manpower and tools required to perform a repair task on any smartphone or tablet.

Our certified technicians easily carry out most of the phone screen repair ON THE SPOT. We are confident in our professional quality of service.

We deliver transparent, reliable and professional mobile repair services. If time is not on your side, no worries. The best part is, our technicians complete most of the repairs instantly. Our services save you time, stress, and money.

Book An Appointment

Kindly fill out your details and we will get back to you on our availability. Alternatively, you may call or WhatsApp (65) 86222297.