iPhone XS Max Bottom Speaker Replacement


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 60 mins

If you are experiencing audio issues, your phone may be experiencing a design flaw that is related to the audio chip on your motherboard. Depending on the type of audio issue you have, we will replace either your microphone, ear speaker or loud speaker.

How To Proceed

a) WhatsApp Us at 8622 2297 (AMK) or 8672 2226 (Marine Parade) to enquire.
b) Book An Appointment using any of our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
c) If you are not sure which repair to choose, no worries, just checkout any product. We will follow up with you to find out the details. No payment required online!
d) All repair fee to be paid only in-person.

Is your iPhone XS Max having audio-related issues?

It can be frustrating when your phone speaker stops working properly. Almost everything your phone does is affected. Music stops playing, you can’t make calls, you don’t hear notifications and you experience persistent soft volume and muffled sounds.

Your phone uses its speaker constantly which may wear out eventually over time. Exposure to debris and small particles in the environment may also block or muffle your speaker.

Apart from damage due to wear and tear, speaker malfunction may be caused by a design flaw related to the audio chip on your motherboard. In some cases, you may see the loudspeaker icon greyed out on your phone when making a call.

What To Do When Your Phone Speaker Is Damaged

Reboot your phone and check for software updates. Ensure that your volume levels are turned up. Make sure your phone is not set to “Do Not Disturb”, Mute, Vibrate, Headphone or Bluetooth Speaker mode. Do not try to use compressed air, chemicals or water to try to clean your speaker at home as it can damage the speaker and your entire phone!

Once you’ve tried all the simple fixes and still cannot get your phone speaker working, send it for repair.

Our Repair Process

For iPhones with phone speaker damage, we will first assess before diagnosis if it is due to wear and tear, or because of the audio chip on your motherboard. Repair will be done accordingly to solve your audio-speaker issues.

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