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How To Fix Common iPad Glitches & Issues

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Whenever we talk about luxury quality purchases, Apple products is definitely in the conversation.

As consumers and fans of the brand, the feeling of owning an Apple device – an iPhone, an iPad or a MacBook – is unbeatable. Nevertheless, there are common iPad issues and glitches that happen every now and then. 

If your iPad is new and still under its AppleCare warranty, seek assistance at the service center. However, if your support is limited, we strongly advise you to get help from technical experts. Our repair specialists at Singapura Mobile Repair are highly experienced in fixing and replacing broken parts with care.

In this article, we’ll be naming the Top 3 Most Common iPad Issues, along with their possible solutions. These iPad glitches are commonly faced by our customers.

1. iPad Screen Freezes

If your iPad screen keeps freezing, it is likely due to a software conflict or a corrupt memory.

As simple as it sounds, the best solution is to turn off the iPad before turning it on again. Do this by pressing and holding the power button. Swipe the slider to power off.

This flushes the memory as it resets your device’s hardware to default before the crash.

iPad screen still not functioning? Try a force restart on your iPad.

1. Press Volume Up once.
2. Press & Release Volume Down.
3. Press & Hold Power until device restarts.

If your screen is still freezing, it is a clear indication to send your iPad for repair.

Visit a tablet / ipad repair shop near me conveniently located at Ang Mo Kio and Marine Parade. Alternatively, you may WhatsApp or call (65) 86222297.

2. iPad WiFi Issue

The latest iPad should run most smoothly but some users have reported Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

If you’re facing WiFi issues on your iPad, restart your iPad to help reset the device hardware. This may detect better signal. Also check on your WiFi router to make sure the internet is connected.

For those facing network issues, go to Settings > WiFi > Forget This Network. Reconnect to your specific network with your credentials.

Should all else fail, backup your data before sending it in for WiFi connectivity repair. 

3. iPad Cannot Turn On

Not being able to turn on your iPad is by far the most common iPad problem that users get caught by surprise.

“It just won’t turn on, no matter what I try.”

If you find that charging your dead iPad does nothing to help, it could be a battery issue that needs replacement. Be sure to try a different lightning cable and charger to ensure those are not faulty.

If your device is still not powering up, do a full reset and wait for 20 mins. Otherwise, call the experts at Singapura Mobile Repair at (65) 86222297 to diagnose and repair your dead iPad. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to offering fast and reliable Apple iPad repair, Singapura Mobile Repair has been a leading name for years.

With a dominating presence in Singapore, we are the trusted preferred choice for fixing Apple devices. Contact our repair specialists at (65) 86222297, who are highly experienced in handling iDevices to troubleshoot your Apple iPad at the earliest.

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