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Best Microsoft Surface Repair Services in Singapore

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Troubled by a faulty Microsoft Surface device?

Living in the city, we are heavily reliant on our laptops, tablets and mobile phones for work and entertainment. When accidentally damaged, it imposes a major inconvenience to our daily lives and communication.

This is why finding the right place to repair your device can save you time and money.

If you’re searching for a cost-effective and reliable centre to Repair Your Surface Pro or Go device, our experienced services from Singapura Mobile Repair is here at your disposal. Our team of professional technicians have fixed broken devices on a daily basis since 2014. We use only the right tools and quality parts to restore your device with precision.

Get A Quote via WhatsApp or Call at (65) 86222297.

Read on to see common issues faced by Microsoft Surface device users. No matter which model or size you own, we can certainly repair and replace its parts with accuracy. 

1. Battery Bloating / Bulging / Swollen

Just a quick search online and you’ll find similar users facing a swollen Surface Battery. Many of whom are Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and original generation Surface Book users.

When your device battery swells, gases are being released in the battery pouch, causing it to bloat/bulge. If you realise that your laptop casing doesn’t quite fit its contents nicely, or that there’s a subtle bulge, you may want to have your device checked.

Besides, Surface Pro & Go Battery Bloating can affect your touchscreen display. You may find spotting or discoloration on the screen. 

At Singapura Mobile Repair, we conduct a diagnosis and assess your device before doing battery replacement. When faced with a swollen battery issue, we handle your Microsoft Surface laptop with extreme caution.

Note that swollen batteries pose significant risk and should be removed from charging power. We highly advise to go for battery replacement immediately.

We’re conveniently located at Ang Mo Kio and Marine Parade. Alternatively, you may WhatsApp or call (65) 86222297.

2. Screen Crack / Broken / Shattered

Ouch! We can totally understand how painful it is the moment you accidentally break, crack or shatter your Microsoft Surface Pro Screen!

In that instant, your user experience is heavily interfered with. Even without screen crack, you may find some strange issues you never had before.

For example, unresponsiveness or insensitivity to touch, screen flickering, glitching or blank screen, white screen, blue screen of death or even not being able to power on. When faced with these problematic issues, you can get it repaired or screen replaced at Singapura Mobile Repair.

In the case of Microsoft Surface devices, the LCD screen and digitizer comes together. As such, when your screen lacks touch responsiveness or functionality, we will recommend replacing the screen altogether. Our expert technicians will get you Microsoft Surface repaired to great working condition again.

3. Surface Pro/Go Cannot Turn On

Not being able to power on your Surface Pro Laptop could be due to a battery issue. More importantly, this could be due to a damaged motherboard internally.

Common Symptoms When Your Damaged Microsoft Surface Pro Motherboard Fails:

  • You may be unable to reboot or power on your laptop, deeming your device almost useless or dead.
  • You may head clicking noises when your device is running.
  • Apps slowing down or malfunctioning.
  • System is slow or stuck on one screen / freezing.
  • Blue screen of death.
  • Overheating easily.

Replacing or Repairing the Microsoft Surface Pro Motherboard is no mean feat. This is because you risk breaking the fragile LCD display panel during the opening process, especially if you are lacking the right tools and experience.

At Singapura Mobile Repair Shop, our expert repair technicians are extremely careful in removing the external cover. We diagnose the root cause of the damage before repair work is done.

If your device is still not powering up after you try to fix it on your own, call the experts at Singapura Mobile Repair at (65) 86222297 to diagnose and repair your dead Surface device. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to offering fast and reliable Microsoft Surface Pro & Go Laptop Tablet Repair, Singapura Mobile Repair has been a leading name for years.

With a dominating presence in Singapore, we are the trusted preferred choice for fixing your Microsoft devices. Contact our repair specialists at (65) 86222297, who are highly experienced in handling and troubleshooting your technical issues at the earliest.

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