COVID-19 – Fixing your Smartphones & Tablets during pandemic


It’s a fact that Coronavirus has truly disrupted our lives. From our daily workout routines to our work schedules, all are in disarray. Our belongings have become our prized possessions, and as the world fights on to get back to normalcy, we must also make sure that we are taking care of all the people and things we hold dear.

Digitalization has truly made us all aware of our reality, which is currently bleak. The number of COVID-19 positive cases is on a steady rise, and without a vaccine, precaution has truly become the only cure.

In these unfortunate times, accidentally breaking your smartphone or tablet will make your life even harder, as these devices are the only way we can connect to our loved ones or work colleagues or clients.

At Singapura Mobile Repair Shop, we understand how important ‘phone repair’ is during COVID-19. In this blog, you will get to know how you can get your beloved smartphones and tablets up and running even in these challenging times.

How a broken phone can cause many difficulties during these hard times?

Accidents are an inevitable part of life, and they can happen to any and every one of us. Breaking your iPhone’s screen, or having a problem with your Samsung phone’s charging port is the last thing any of us would want to worry about during a pandemic. A working mobile device is important when most of us are cooped up in our houses practicing social distancing.

Spending more time at home won’t really stop you from using your mobile devices. It will actually make you use them even more, and chances are that you’re still hooked up on texting, streaming videos, and making video calls from your phone. Don’t worry, this is not an intervention. People should be able to spend their time the way they want to. And without being able to go outside, it is only natural that you are spending more time on your mobile devices.

Regardless of the current situation, a broken phone will create problems in anyone’s life. But, as we are currently unable to travel to our workplace, or meet our family and colleagues, our smartphones and tablets are the only means of communication we have at our disposal. Therefore, the importance of these devices has increased greatly nowadays.

Normally if you had an issue with your phone you might just go to a retail store or a repair shop to get it fixed, but in the COVID-19 era, many of us are not sure if the neighborhood mobile repair shop is still open or not. So where can you get your phone repaired during COVID-19? Don’t worry; Singapura Mobile Repair Shop is at your rescue!

Get your smart devices repaired at Singapura Mobile Repair Shop

There is absolutely no need to panic or scramble through long queues. We value your time and what your device means to you. With our wide-range of repair services, we cover all the major brands, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Google.

We offer top-quality mobile repair and our specialized repair services. For example, screen repair, screen replacement, software repair, and even repair for water damaged devices. Our qualified technicians are readily available at AMK and Marine Parade in Singapore. We place extreme importance on ensuring that your device is taken care of with expert precision and diligence.

We constantly aim to deliver transparent, professional, and reliable repair services. The best part is, our technicians complete almost every repair instantly, helping you to save time and money.

Devices we repair

We are more than aware of the fact that most of the electronics outlets have shut their doors. They are not providing you with the services you need at the moment. To help you out in such situations, you can avail our expert repair solutions in Singapore.

Apple iPhone repair
From the latest iPhone 12 to the older iPhone 6, we repair each and every variant of Apple’s iPhone. We are able to do this thanks to our strong logistical relationships and reliable spare part sources. We only use premium Apple parts to repair iPhones. We make sure that you receive your phone with a smile on your face after repair. Some of the many Apple repair services we provide are iPhone XS Max screen repair and iPhone 11 screen replacement.

Samsung repair
In recent times, Samsung has truly redefined each and every segment of the smartphone market. From entry-level devices to flagship offerings, Samsung has its smartphones on top of the many verticals of the smartphone market.

We deal in all the latest Samsung devices and also provide Samsung mobile repair. We can easily take care of any and every issue that you may have with your device. We can take care of any problem that you are facing with your Samsung device.

iPad repair
Apple iPads rule the tablet market. They enjoy unprecedented clout that is unrivaled to say the least. However, gadgets like the iPad Pro are fragile. Even a small fall can potentially break your iPad’s display. We undertake iPad Pro repair so as to restore it to its original glory.

At Singapura Mobile Repair, we provide iPad Pro screen repair. We also repair the iPad Mini and the standard iPad. In addition, we provide software support and repair for all the iPads.


Damaging or losing your mobile device during the current COVID-19 pandemic can certainly be troublesome. With Singapura Mobile Repair Shop, you can repair your mobile devices without any hassle even during the current scenario.

We can fix each and every problem that you may have with your device. So, hop onto any of our outlets to get your device up and running again. For more information regarding mobile phone repair during COVID-19, check out Singapura Mobile Repair Shop.

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