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Discover top-notch Nothing Phone 1 mobile repair services in Singapore at our trusted service center. From screen replacements to software issues, our expert technicians provide reliable solutions. Visit us for efficient repairs and superior customer service!

Nothing Phone (1) Display Screen Replacement Cost in Singapore


“I broke my Nothing Phone (1) LCD Display Screen by accident. I can answer calls but cannot see anything on the screen. I’m devastated, how much does it cost to get a screen replacement fast?”

The cost to repair your Nothing Phone (1) Screen depends on where you get it fixed: Authorised Nothing Service Center / Singapura Mobile Repair Shop / Do It Yourself

Singapura Mobile Repair is the trusted repairer for screen replacement of Nothing Phone (1) in Singapore. WhatsApp us directly as +65 8622 2297 to enquire on fixing your faulty screen.

Our technicians ensure that your LCD Display Screen part is fitted perfectly to fix any screen issues.

Common Nothing Phone (1) LCD Display Screen Issues

  • Nothing touch screen not working
  • Nothing touch screen not sensitive
  • Nothing touch screen dead pixels
  • Nothing Phone turns on, blank screen
  • Nothing Phone black screen display
  • Nothing Phone white screen display
  • Nothing Phone colour lines on display
  • Nothing Phone vertical lines on display
  • Nothing unresponsive touch screen
  • Nothing Phone screen frozen
  • Nothing Phone cracked screen
  • Broken / Shattered / Scratch screen
  • Damage Nothing Phone Screen
  • Broken Front Glass Screen
  • Nothing LCD Display Screen Replacement

Nothing Phone Authorised Service Center

* Screen repair and replacement here offers you a 100% genuine replacement screen. This is usually expensive with limited time warranty.

Singapura Mobile Repair Shop at Ang Mo Kio & Marine Parade

* Get your Nothing Phone (1) repaired fast, affordable and reliable. At Singapura Mobile Repair, we replace your Damaged LCD Display and Touchscreen for Nothing Phone (1) with high-quality parts. Our repair technicians are equipped with latest tools and have years of experience.

We ensure your screen is fixed in exact position and A Grade Touch Panel, giving the experience of a new touch panel.

Do It Yourself

* You may purchase a quality replacement LCD Screen with Touch Digitizer for your Nothing Phone (1). This is risky and may further damage your device. Do not attempt if you do not have the right tools and experience to fix your device.

We recommend seeking advice from a trusted Nothing Phone Repair service provider in Singapore.

How long will it take to fix or replace the LCD Display Screen?

​Most of our repair services take approximately 30 minutes. If your Nothing Phone has multiple issues, we will take longer than that.

Check out all our Nothing Phone (1) repair and replacement services here.

Why Choose Singapura Mobile Repair?

We know the anxiety and frustration of using broken devices, especially when you’re in a rush!

Our technicians strongly commit to repair and restore your devices as soon as the same day. We offer convenient, affordable repairs right in your friendly neighbourhood at Ang Mo Kio and Marine Parade, Singapore.

Perfect Replacement & Repair Precision

No matter which brand or model, we repair it right the first time, so you can have a complete peace of mind. As good as new!

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