Asus Zenfone 8 Can’t On Motherboard / Logic Board (IC Chip Replacement / CPU Repair) Cost Singapore


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 180 mins to 2 days

Reduce your waiting time by booking an online appointment with Singapura Mobile Repair first.

If your phone motherboard is faulty and you experience power failure, no WiFi or bug issues, quickly save your data before you try to carry out any repair or replacement work. Motherboard replacement is a complex issue so we advice you to send to our shop within 1-3 days.

How To Proceed

a) WhatsApp Us at 8622 2297 to enquire.
b) Book An Appointment using any of our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
c) If you are not sure which repair to choose, no worries, just checkout any product. We will follow up with you to find out the details. No payment required online!
d) All repair fee to be paid only in-person.

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What happens when your ASUS ZenPhone 8 Motherboard IC Chips is faulty Or Problem?

华硕ZenPhone 8 游戏手机突然无法开机, 不显示, 发生烧主板事件, 无法充电, 不充电, 死机, 不开机, 自动关机, 屏幕不触摸或者触摸不灵, 断触, 花屏, 闪屏, 经常无信号不读卡, 无法识别sim卡, 无服务, WIFI打不开, 无WIFI, 断网断触, 前后摄像头不可用, 摄像头不聚焦, 打不开, 突然黑屏重启, 喇叭扬声器麦克风送话器听筒无声音, 开关机音量按键无反应,  虚拟按键无反应, 这些问题基本上都是因为主板上IC芯片损坏或者CPU虚焊脱焊引起的, 请把手机交给我们修理, 我们专业的维修修理团队会尽最大努力把你的手机修到开机, 保留你的照片联系号码等宝贵数据资料。我们是最专业最便宜的华硕ZenPhone 8游戏手机新加坡华硕第三方手机维修修理中心, 现场维修, 由于主板芯片维修是个高难度的过程,所以我们通常需要1-3天的维修过程, 正常情况下只需要一天时间, 我们的维修修理价钱和费用很合理。兀兰,义顺,后港,宏茂桥,淡滨泥,勿洛和全新加坡的用户都可以来找我们维修。

注意点:和华硕Rog官方维修售后中心相比较, 我们的维修价钱便宜, 维修速度快, 基本上当天就可以拿, 最重要的是, 官方华硕Rog维修售后中心会强行格式化你的手机, 从而导致你的所有珍贵照片联系号码等数据全部丢失。但是我们的维修过程不管是更换屏幕, 电池甚至维修主板不开机的问题, 我们都会尽最大努力保存你的照片联系号码等宝贵数据资料。

When your ASUS ZenPhone 8 Motherboard is broken(Phone can’t be turn or power on), your phone struggles to work properly. It no longer receives information properly, and many bugs are common. As one of the most important parts of a smartphone, if it is defective, your phone will not survive long. You may face the following situations:

  • ZenPhone 8 Sudden Death(Not turning power on), won’t open, overheating issue, Power volume button no response, Stuck at logo, Not Charging, Auto shutdown, red light blinking, No power, NO Display Black or flicking Screen, Air Trigger issue Problem, Air Trigger No Respond, No Singnal or No Service no sim card recognise problem, top bottom Loud Speaker Or Microphone No Sound Problem, front or Back Camera open failure issue, slow chagring, Side Charging port not working, Vibration not working, No Wifi Or Wifi Can’t on or connection problem, All this issues Mostly Because of Over hearting on the motherboard which will cause the motherboard Ic Chips Burn or Cpu loose problems
  • Power failure. You can’t switch on your phone suddenly, USB or charger stops working altogether.
  • No Service. You can’t detect cellular signal even with SIM Card in your phone.
  • No WiFi. You can’t enable your WiFi or you have a missing WiFi address.

What To Do When Your Phone Motherboard Gets Damaged

Save your data before you try to carry out any repair or replacement work. Handling the Motherboard components are complicated, so we advice you to deal with it within 1-3 days.

Our Repair Process
For phones with motherboard damage, we will thoroughly check your phone first before taking any repair action. This requires total focus and technical skill to evaluate the small circuits under a microscopic lens.

why choose us other than authorisd Asus ZenPhone 8 Repair Service Center in Singapore

You wish to keep your phone data intact. 99% of the time, repairing with us will  not result in data loss,all data will retain, we will keep all your photos, video, contacts and other datas remain, but Authorised Asus Rog Phone Repair service centers will force reset your phone data. so all your precious data will lost, will gone.

Our ZenPhone 8 screen Lcd battery camera speaker motherboard Repair Replacement cost at very reasonable and cheap price in singapore

Woodlands, Hougang, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio(Amk) Tampines, Bedok, Marine Parade Singapore any One Need Repair just come Find Us to get ur phone repaired.

We can solve most of  all your mobile phone problems issues, such as battery fast finish problems, not charging, camera, and LCD screen, motherboard issus, Also for software password unlock service, water damage data recovery, and power on problems.

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