Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Water Damage Cleaning Service Repair Singapore


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 180 mins to 2 days

Reduce your waiting time by booking an online appointment with Singapura Mobile Repair first.

No matter how complex, we’re here to resolve your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Damage Cleaning Service Repair.

How To Proceed

a) WhatsApp Us at 8622 2297 to enquire.
b) Book An Appointment using any of our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
c) If you are not sure which repair to choose, no worries, just checkout any product. We will follow up with you to find out the details. No payment required online!
d) All repair fees in SGD to be paid only in-person.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Water Damage Cleaning Service Repair  Cost in Singapore

Did you know that tablet water damage is usually repairable?

Many websites suggest drying out your water damaged device in a bag of uncooked rice. At our repair shop, we use ultrasonic cleaner to remove any corrosion from liquid damaged devices.

Don’t Wait, Act Fast

Water or liquid seeps into your tablet ports, jacks, speakers and circuits. As water sits in the device, its minerals corrode the circuits, coils and resisters. Take it out of water and switch it off immediately. Be sure to wipe it clean and dry. Remove its battery and SIM card.

Most importantly, send your OnePlus Pad Go to your trusted tablet repair shop ASAP.

What NOT To Do

  • Drying your tablet in the microwave can start a fire.
  • Putting your tablet in the freezer can cause condensation inside.
  • Using a hairdryer can fry your circuit boards.
  • Putting your tablet in uncooked rice introduces dust and rice particles.

At Singapura Mobile Repair, our technicians are experienced and skilled to carry out your Water Damage Tablet Repair.

Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8622 2297.

With over 1000+ happy customers and counting, we are Singapore’s most trusted repairer!  Our mission is to provide excellent service at the best affordable prices. As customers are our top priority, we assure you a speedy and safe tablet repair experience.

Samsung Galaxy Pad Go

For repair of other Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet models, kindly WhatsApp us at +65 86222297.

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