Microsoft Surface Pro 5 5th Gen LCD Display Screen Replacement Cost Singapore


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 90 mins

If you’re looking for reliable repair for your cracked and broken LCD display and touch screen, we provide you the best service than any other repair centers. We use only brand new, high quality parts for replacement.

How To Proceed

a) WhatsApp Us at 8622 2297  to enquire.
b) Book An Appointment using any of our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
c) If you are not sure which repair to choose, no worries, just checkout any product. We will follow up with you to find out the details. No payment required online!
d) All repair fee to be paid only in-person.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Series offers good specs that are updated, mobile and affordable for everyday users.

As you know, the laptop is a handy and portable device. Thus, it’s no surprise to hear of accidental screen damages due to physical causes such as knocks and bumps.

At Singapura Mobile Repair, our team of repair specialists work on LCD Screen & Display Replacements on a daily basis so you can be rest assured of our technical expertise. If you’re looking for reliable repair for your scratched, cracked and broken LCD screen, we provide you the best service than any other repair centers.

We use high-quality parts with manufacturers specifications. Have a broken screen? Visit us to get it fixed today!

Common Signs of Surface Pro Laptop LCD Screen Damage

– Broken touch screen and glass
– Cracked, damaged and smashed screen
– Internally broken with ink bleeding inside screen
– Laptop screens with lines, scratches, marks
– Flickering, high contrast, fuzzy, dim, dark, no display
– Touch screen with hairline cracks
– Bleeding, leaking, smudged, stress fracture
– Laptop screen malfunction
– Fix lines on screen, jagged, horizontal, vertical and colourful display
– Distorted images or colours, distorted display, blemished screens

LCD Display Screen Replacement can correct issues like: no power to screen, blank screen display, display brightness issues, no output to monitor, dim and dark LCD monitors.

Why Choose Singapura Mobile Repair?
✅Quality parts & expert technicians
✅Repair done within reasonable time frame
✅Competitive price for Broken Screen Replacement

We diagnose and fix all Microsoft Surface Pro Devices for customers in Singapore. Reach out to us if you are facing these issues:

  • Crack Screen Replacement
  • LCD Screen Replacement
  • Dead Battery / Charging Issues
  • Black Screen / Blue Screen
  • Water or Liquid Damage Repairs
  • Damaged Motherboard IC Chip
  • …and more!

Do you have an issue not highlighted? Kindly contact us via WhatsApp.

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