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Google Pixel 6 Water Damage Repair Clearing Services


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 60 mins

Reduce your waiting time by booking an online appointment with Singapura Mobile Repair first.

If your phone is immersed in water or other liquid, it’s very important that you act as quickly as possible. Switch your device off if possible and book a repair immediately. Water damage is best repaired within 48 hours of the incident.

How To Proceed

a) WhatsApp Us at 8622 2297 to enquire.
b) Book An Appointment using any of our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
c) If you are not sure which repair to choose, no worries, just checkout any product. We will follow up with you to find out the details. No payment required online!
d) All repair fee to be paid only in-person.

What To Do When Your Phone Gets Wet

Your phone may get wet when you drop your phone in the toilet or when going for a swim. If you are in such a situation, power off your device immediately and leave it off. Send your phone for repair as it is best to repair any water damage within 48 hours.

Our Repair Process
For Google Pixel 6 with water damage, we will open your phone, remove any excess water, and thoroughly clean the circuit board and all connectors with isopropyl alcohol. In most cases, replacing your battery may be required; and in some cases, a replacing your screen.