Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm) Battery Replacement Cost Singapore


What You Need To Know

Estimated Repair Time: 60 mins

Battery Replacement generally fixes the following issues you may face:

– Smartwatch won’t turn on
– Not charging
– Slow charging
– Poor battery life

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This repair applies if you need to replace the battery for your Apple Watch 2 (42mm) in Singapore.

Battery degradation is unavoidable with your smartwatch usage over time — extend its lifespan with a new replacement battery compatible with Apple Watch (42 mm, Series 2).

Apple Watch 2 (42mm)

Fast, professional Apple Watch Repairs for all models. Repair your smartwatch with Singapura Mobile Repair.

Here’s What We Do
(1) We verify existing problems you are facing with your Apple Watch.
(2) Our technicians will run a diagnosis to identify the root of the problem.
(3) Upon repair & replacement, your Apple Watch will be tested thoroughly. This is to ensure everything is in the perfect condition.

We provide free quotes for Apple Watch Repair Singapore Services such as:
Broken Or Cracked LCD Screen Replacement, Bloated Battery Replacement, Charging Problem Issues, Broken Back Glass Replacement, Liquid Damage Repairs, Keep Restarting on Apple logo and more.

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How to Know When Your Apple Watch Battery Needs Replacement

  • The watch is charging very slow even after being on charge for a while.
  • The charging of the watch is not increasing despite being constantly on charging
  • Apple Watch turns off as soon as the charging is removed despite the battery showing 100 percent charging.
  • The battery discharges very quickly and can not sustain even an hour without charging
  • The battery gets overheated even during normal usage.      

Common Causes of Apple Watch Battery Damage

Usually, Apple Watch is made very sturdy, which can prove very durable. People who own the earliest versions of the Apple Watch are still using them today. However, specific issues may cause the battery to get damaged and require replacement, including:

  • Consistent use for a long-time: Batteries have a useful life in their usage. Most batteries can become unusable or swell after a considerable period of usage. Therefore, you may need a battery replacement after owning the watch for a few years.
  • Water damage: Water can damage the cells inside the battery and may even cause a short circuit inside. Therefore, protect your Apple Watch from consistent water exposure.
  • Short-circuit or being charged with a faulty wire.
  • Bumps or severe impact
  • Dormant Usage: If you do not use your watch often, the battery won’t pass through the charge/discharge cycle frequently. In most cases, this issue can damage the battery ultimately.

In each case, the Apple Watch battery replacement cost can differ. Additionally, replacement costs vary with different models as the battery standards used and their availability can vary.

Trusted Apple Watch Repair Specialist Shop in Singapore

Singapura Mobile Repair Shop is Singapore’s trusted Apple Watch repair specialist. We repair all hardware and software problems with Apple’s greatest wearable products. We offer Apple Watch Cracked screen LCD Display Bloated Battery repair/replacement, digital crown Or On/off button switch replacement/repair and all other hardware or software repairs.

Apple Watch Screen Repair and Replacement in Singapore

With an all-glass upper portion, the Apple Watch is always likely to have a crack in it. Despite Apple using some of the best glass in the market, it is still glass. Also, that glass can also become pretty badly scratched compromising the watch experience. We provide quick Apple Watch Screen Replacement service in Singapore. Book your Apple Watch Screen Repair service now. Our Apple Watch repair cost or price is cheap and we provide 100% satisfaction.

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Apple Watch is expensive. Why spend all that money again when your current model can be fixed for all its problems? Singapura Mobile Repair shop saves you money with our cheap Apple Watch repair service available today. Call us at your home, apartment or office to get your Apple Watch screen replacement or repair for any other faulty hardware. We restore your watch’s 100% functionality making it work just as Apple Intended. Call us today and we will fix your Apple Watch at only a fraction of its cost.

Why Apple Watch Repair?

Apple Watch Cost is increasing with every new model. This is why Apple Watch Repair is always a safe option. Singapura Mobile Repair can now help save money on your repair requirements making your watch work perfectly in no time. We provide all kinds of hardware and software repair solutions for all models of Apple Watches.

  • Apple Watch screen repair/replacement in Singapore
  • Apple Watch Digital Crown repair/replacement in Singapore
  • Apple Watch Display repair/replacement in Singapore
  • Apple Watch Connective problem fixed any time
  • Apple Watch stuck fixed in Singapore

Why Singapura Mobile Repair Shop?

Looking for a trusted Apple Watch repair specialist in Singapore? Singapura Mobile is a service provider perfect for your needs. With years of experience and advanced skills, we make your Apple Watch perform good as new in no time. Our service includes fixing all hardware and software problems and errors with all Apple Watch models. We help make the best of your watch making it last longer. Also, Call us now to book your visit today. We will not disappoint and ensure comprehensive functionality restore for your Apple Hardware.

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