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Cell phones, the most powerful devices invented, have become a part of our daily life and communication. From calling on the phone to surfing the internet and even catching up on the latest news, demand for smart phones are ever increasing.

Phone Repair Expertise & Experience

With rapid advancements in technology, brands develop new models within months. Consult top repair shops like Singapura Mobile Phone Repair Singapore as we keep up with the latest technology and expertise. If you are staying in the Ang Mo Kio district, knowing where to get the best mobile phone repair is handy to solve and repair your accidentally damaged phone.

Statistics of Common Phone Accidents

Did you know that the most common place of cell phone accidents happen in homes? A whopping 50% of iPhone are dropped in kitchens and toilets. Screen damage takes up approximately 71% of mobile phone screen repair cases; 8% in starting up; 6% in hardware damage; 3% water damage; and 2% in software damage.

Although you may consider buying a new phone, save costs, time and convenience at Singapura Mobile Repair.

Convenient & Trusted Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Singapore

A trusted and reliable repair shop is able to sustain its business with regular customers and recommendations alike. Always keep a lookout for credible phone repair shops with positive reviews. If you are working in the North and need to fix your phone quickly, getting to Singapura Mobile Repair (AMK) is easy and fast with public transport.

Upon your visit, an expert technician will help to check and diagnose your broken phone to determine the right repair or replacement parts. Besides crack screen, dead pixels and flat battery is a major frustration to phone users.

Sometimes leaving your phone in the sun for too long while you are playing sports or at the beach can overheat it. This causes the battery to bloat or simply not turn on.

Take preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidental phone damage by using a protective casing and screen. To ensure you do not lose any valuable photos, data and information, backup your phone regularly. Restore when needed.

We Are The Best Phone Repair Shop in Ang Mo Kio (AMK)

In unforeseen circumstances, don’t wait until it is too late to fix your smart phone. Seek immediate support when faced with water damage or spillage. Get your phone quickly repaired at the Best Cell Phone Repair In AMK, Singapore. We take care of it with immediate solutions.

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